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At GEdataPRO, we believe in a future abundant of information where businesses need to operate using a well balanced and yet monumental data pipeline. Furthermore, we believe that who ever can process the biggest amount of information in a fast manner will be the company who sales more.

Data Mining

eCommerce requires data to adhere to multiple marketplace standards.  Most of the time, medium and small companies  are not prepared to deal with data discipline, data structure and data warehousing. Mining will  shape you information for high speed sales and lasting grow.

Ecommerce Pricing

In  eCommerce, the most laborious parameter to define is price. However, behind this concept, the challenge is to define all noteworthy parameters in an item. This process is crucial to have a realistic data set and select a competitive price.

Massive Listings

Need to create thousands of listing for multiple sale channels?

Your listings are complex?

Need to deal with automotive information and standards?

GEdataPRO uses a combination of coding, API and SQL to manage large amount of listing.

Dynamic Growth

eCommerce is dynamic. What sales today will change in minutes. Data monitoring is the way to adjust your listings and follow the sale outrun 24/7. GEdataPRO is able to create monitors to notify changes or to react autonomously. 


More and more companies are moving product information to customer and/or eCommerce platforms. This data migration process is unique and periodic. Most of the time this procedure requires modular use of resources and services, not need to hire a dedicated person for this task.

Image Processing

Images are an important component in product data.  It is difficult to conceive a computer sale without a processed image. Platforms and procedures requires images to conform to standards. GEdataPRO is able to process and fit large quantity of images.

Data Automation

The large quantity and variety of products in eCommerce can not processed using simple tools anymore. 64bit Excel sheets, large structured and non-structured databases integrated via Python code is  the method used by GEdataPRO to create automation for fast paste sales.

Data Science

eCommerce produces a large amount of information. This is in fact  the biggest value in the new era. Looking for patterns and  opportunities is something that every company need to work to be competitive.  GEdataPRO is prepared to run exploratory data analysis at eBay Amazon using Data Science

Prepare Your Data

Get ready to sell by gathering data from all possible sources. Define your rules and tunnel all information to a unique repository.

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List and Sell

Use transfer protocols for all marketplaces. Run automation and list.


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Monitor Operation

Close monitor the action and benchmark all your parameter to beat competition. 


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